Parisha Taylor and Our Amazing Brain

It is truly mind boggling that the brain processes 40 billion bits of information every second. It is easy to realize that many of these do not register in conscious thoughts. Generally most people focus on 200,000 of those and in fact redundantly focus on people, places, things, environment and time. In my years of study with Parisha Taylor, I have come to realize that I can change this redundancy by feeding something new into my mind every day.

As Parisha Taylor has taught me this is a way of adding value to myself. Science has shown that new information fed into my brain is associated with emotions. These emotions reinforce the ability to expand my thinking in new ways. Such an excellent exercise in getting out of the proverbial “box”!

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Parisha Taylor Suggests Make Maximum Use of Your Brain

Parisha Taylor has ignited in me an interest in studies of the brain.  Over the last several years these studies have led me to totally accept and celebrate the information that new neurons can be activated even in adult years. In contrast, my initial introduction to brain studies in nursing school led me to totally accept “hook, line and sinker” that the brain had virtually no ability to repair itself in adult life.

It is mind boggling to attempt to visualize that there are about one hundred million nerve cells or neurons in every square inch of the cerebral cortex, the outer layer of the brain. This vast number of neurons connect with each other through dendrites (branches on nerves cells) with the role of receiving information across synapses.  Like tissues of other parts of the body, if connections are not regularly used they atrophy. For nerves cells to stay healthy they must communicate on a regular basis. Through a clear focus on my thoughts, I influence the connections I desire.

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Parisha Taylor asks: “Why Can’t You Have It?”

Parisha Taylor comments that she has found, in better than fifty years of research and teaching in the field of health, wealth and happiness, most people do not know what they really want. And sometimes a simple response when they say they can’t do or have something brings them to a stop. They never really know why!!

A whole new life begins when they say, “Yes, I Can Have It!!” They command and become the authority of the mandate of choice. We live in a mainstream world that denies and suppresses personal authority of our life’s dreams. The truth is, there is noone or Being saying “no” to you; you are just not saying “YES!!” Such an important truth this is to embrace as we move forward seeking our purpose for being here in form.



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Parisha Taylor asks “Who Is Talking?”

To quote Parisha Taylor: No matter what is going on, ask is it real? When one gets in touch with the source of your thought or belief, it gives you the opportunity to determine if you have blindly accepted some belief that is not yours

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Holding a Coherent Emotional Tone Level by Parisha Taylor

Parisha Taylor suggests our goal is to achieve a higher tone level and once achieved to experience minimal swings of up and down. The common tendency to feel extreme highs and lows in emotional response to our circumstances creates an incoherent wave. This includes extreme exhilaration at some good experience as well as extreme lows with an undesirable experience.

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Parisha Taylor and Becoming a Different Person

Parisha Taylor discusses the importance of being willing to change if we desire something different to occur in our lives. It is necessary to make clear decisions to move through a day’s activities in a totally different order and manner than accustomed. When we speak of changing we mean that we are no longer who we used to be. We have modified how we think, what we do, what we say, how we act and who we are being. Personal change takes an intentional act of will. It usually means that something was making us uncomfortable enough to want to do things differently. To evolve is to overcome the conditions in our life by changing something about ourselves.

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Parisha Taylor and Effect of Time in the Quantum Concept

Parisha Taylor  discusses the subject of time and its effects on us.  In the quantum concept of staying in the present moment it is understood that here all potentials exist simultaneously. Here is where we move beyond space and time. The present moment is outside time because it exists now, in this moment. With clear focus on the present moment and remaining in the present moment, time cannot exist. When time does not exist, neither does the limiting concept of past and future and all the emotions that go with the memories of these.

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